Wednesday, 4 June 2014

iOS 8 - Short Rant

I was quite upbeat with the upcoming iOS 8 and the OS X Yosmite until I actually saw the enitre conference online. While I am not criticising the conference, I am just wondering what sort of "innovation" which Tim Cook is referring to before WWDC 2014.

No doubt that the iOS 8 and the OS X Yosmite UI include many new features, they are not really innovations taking into account other companies have managed to produce such apps. My point here is that there is no real "innovation" apart from the fact that it is the very first time Apple is incorporating such features such as third party keyboard apps. It looks as if Apple is willing to accept the risk of their operating systems being flooded with potential viruss or malware. This is a concern taking into account what Android has gone through recently.

I welcome new features on the new operating systems but felt let down nontheless. Luckily I did not pay to watch the event except for electricity and time to do so.