Sunday, 13 May 2007

Do you Believe in Charities?

I do have a question to ask. Do you believe in charities? Okay, let me put this question to you. Will you donate any money to any charities? What about people who walk around town asking for donation where you can donate money by putting money into a box. It can be from any foundation or even schools.

My favourite place is always Petaling Street. I like the area because I can buy many things for a reasonable price over there. Besides this, I can also go to my fvourite stall to have my rice noodles. It is fantastic. Often than not, there will be high school students clad in their school uniform roaming around Petaling Street. Sometimes you can even see them alight from a specially chartered bus. You can also identify the school which they are coming from. Most of them are from schools far away from the city.

Often than not they will say that their school is in serious need of funding to rebuild the school buildings or even to build new buildings to accomodate more students. When you look at their badge, you will know that their are not the kids from town.

Many people will just turn a blind eye and just ask them to leave while some people will be very happy to give a few coin just to satisfy them. The annoying thing is that they will come to you when you are eating and ask for donation! That is really rediculous. Can't we just have a proper meal?

The best part is that even if you have given a few coins to one students, other students may come in later to ask from you again! Oh yes, I can see from some people's face where they are quite annoyed at these students for asking twice.

From my point of view, I think a student should be given the opportunity to get donation for their school. I am saying this is because students are part of the school and so they do have the responsibility to help their school. However, having students to go on a donation drive every single week is not good. I don't really like to see students wasting their time walking around town asking for donation for their school. This is just a little bit too far fetch. I don't think this should be the way.

Every students have the right to do their home work during weekends and certainly they do have other better things to do than this, right? Tell me then...

I do support charities but it depends on the particular charities. Don't believe in all charities as it might be a fake charity. In that case, you will be wasting your money. Be alert.

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