Thursday, 10 May 2007

Fairwell Mr Blair

I am really sad to see Mr Blair is leaving number 10 soon. He will be replaced by either Gordan Brown or his competitor during the upcoming party election. I really hope that no matter who wins, they should do what is best for the nation. He has resigned from his cabinet and also his post. A new prime minister will be elected within the party the latest by middle of next month. We will have more to come! Stay tuned!!! What do you think? Would Gordan Brown be the chosen one to lead the country?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am SAD to, Prime Minister Blair has done 10 years of excellent work, he is bright, foresighted & hardworking. He did get carried away with Bush but then again there's also a belief that any one who is the PM of England is highly likely to come under pressure by US to follow & to support US footsetps.

I believe that PM Blair has been a good leader with grace. His last success in office was two days ago where his hardwork managed to bring Peace & Reconciliation in Northern Ireland. This is indeed a fantastic achievement that not any tom dick & harry can achieve. Farewell to a Great Leader & Lets hope that the next one would be even better. Rumours has it that Brown has similarities to Badawi's style of leadership, a leadership that plays safe & less bold. Whatever it is, Labour Party must Reign & bring better success to England. God Bless Her Majesty & Her Country, Amen.

ぜるもう said...

Well, I do have to agree that Blair has done the country good. Obviously he is going to have criticism with UK's involvement in the Iraq war and so on... It does not end there. When people does not like you, they will not say anything good about you even though you have done your best.