Friday, 18 May 2007

Help! Find Madeleine!

Gosh. You all must have heard about the news of a 4 year old girl went missing from her parent's villa in Portugal. It has been almost two weeks since she went missing. Help her parents to find Madeleine!!!

Full coverage of her disappearance and also the extensive search for her could be found at this address:

Update: We do have leaflets distributed to ask people to help just in case they found Madeleine. Well, fingers crossed!!! We will always keep a look out for the little girl.

Update (28/05/2007): They have yet to find Madeleine although a key witness to the ordeal have spoken out. Lets hope that the sweet little girl will be found soon.

Update (03/02/2009): Until now, they could not find Madeleine. The authorities are still searching for the poor little girl. Both parents have gone back to work... I don't know if the poor little girl will ever be found.

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