Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Update on IE 8 and Firefox 3

Remember I talked about IE 8 and Firefox 3 crashing on my system? Well, I am using windows XP with Service Pack 3 v3311 at the moment and I did say about both of them kept on crashing whenever I tried to fire up IE 8 or Firefox 3. I just do not know why.

Well, after reading through pages and pages of forums, I finally realised that IE 8 does not seem to support Windows XP with Service Pack 3! What a surprise! Why Microsoft does not support Windows XP SP3 then? My PC also crashed when trying to run Firefox 3 beta 5. I think it is because I am using SP3. I really hope that Microsoft and Mozilla can address this issue.



After uninstalling XP SP3 v3311, I have been able to install the full version of SP3. Now, I have tried to install IE 8 and Firefox 3 beta 5 but no joy. It still crash my pc though...

I have given up hope on installing Firefox 3 beta 5 and also IE 8 beta 1 because both of them will crash my pc. I have to revert back to Firefox 2 and IE 7.


Something tells me that I should not give up hope so fast. I reboot the pc with SP3 and then tried to install IE 8 beta 1. Guess what? It worked!!! Too bad that Firefox 3 beta 5 did not work but never mind as IE 8 still works! Hurray!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's SP3 v3311, because I run Firefox 3 Beta 5 and latest bleeding edge nightly builds just fine on 3311. No problems either with IE8 Beta 1.

3311 is obsolete now though, since SP3 has gone final, build is 5512.

ぜるもう said...

If that is the case, I will try to uninstall v3311 and reinstall firefox 3 beta 5. Thanks!