Friday, 23 May 2008

A Defeat for Labour

I was disappointed with the lost of the Crewe seat during the recent election by election. I think the reason why Labour lost is not because of the candidate herself but actually, the people in Crewe are not happy with the Labour party itself. There is an interview on BBC Radio 4 right now with the Labour candidate. I don't really like the way how the interviewer put forward his views or his statement across the defeated Crewe Labour candidate. He did not give her a chance to address the reason why Labour lost. They lost not because of the Crewe Labour candidate did nothing for the past few years. I think what is important now is to address the situation at the moment.

No doubt that PM Gordan Brown is having a tough time now. I think he was just came into power at the wrong time, a time where by inflation was rising and thus, it leads to the problem of rising cost of basic necessities like fuel, electricity and petrol. I really hope that Gordan Brown will take the opportunity to address the current situation and help the people. It is not easy to help everyone but at least, I hope that the Labour government will be able to help some of them.

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