Friday, 2 May 2008

N95 8GB with New Firmware!!!

Hey folks! The legendary N95 8GB has a firmware update! What you need to know is that with the latest firmware v20.0.016, you get the rotate me, just like the Apple Iphone. What is so special in that firmware update is that whenever you move your phone, it will show you the correct side to your view. I think that is marvellous! With the Accelerometer installed in v15, the N95 8GB is one good phone which Apple Iphone needs to update their gadgets!

I was told that the 8GB Apple Iphone has sold out although many shops are still displaying them on the shelves. Sales assistants from O2 and also Carphonewarehouse told me that they have run out of stock and will not be getting any new stock for the 8GB Apple Iphone until the new 3G Iphone rolls out. It is a marketing strategy by Apple so that the demand will still be there when the new 3G Iphone hits the store in June 2008 as mentioned by them. I am still not convinced about the release of the new 3G Iphone in June 2008 but it is just a month away before it is being launched. Good luck then, ok? As for me, I don't really like to have the Iphone because it is so hard to type! I love the big 3.5" screen though. However, it was rumoured that the 3G Iphone will come with 32GB of internal storage. Good heavens!!! Stay tuned!!!

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