Monday, 2 June 2008

Rear Seat Belts

I think it is high time for the people in Malaysia to realise that having to buckle up at the rear seat in the car or a vehicle is important because it will safe live. Please look at this page and also this page for further information. I do remember back in 1997 that a report stated that there would be a possibility that Lady Diana and her companion Dodi would have survived the crash if both of them were wearing rear seat belts.

We should all wear rear seat belts. It is important because it saves life. The EU is really keen in ensuring the safety of its citizens so they would make sure that States law should implement a mandatory law for the driver of a vehicle to ensure that his or her passengers should buckle up especially the front and the rear. I am glad that Malaysians have to buckle up at the rear because it is vital for the survival of the passengers at the back of the vehicle.

Update: 01.01.09 - It is official, rear seat belts must be worn and it is the law!!! Good!

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