Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Is it fair?

Recent months have passed and one thing remains the headline of every single day: Inflation. Can we help it? The answer is to an extent. However, there are many forces who does not care about people's living but just increase prices. I can give you a few examples.

One good example will be railway fares. In recent years, railway fares have been going up ever since without a sign of downward trend. The excuse? Wages have gone up and also materials used to maintain the railway lines have gone up so naturally, they will pass the bucket to consumers who relied on the railway trains to work and back home. What can we say about it then?

Regarding groceries, supermarkets are putting up their prices although there are many supermarkets who knows about inflation and come up with inflation busting prices like Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys and ASDA. To and extent, Marks and Spencer is also cutting their prices but not as good as the other supermarkets. However, we have to take note that while supermarkets cut their prices on many items, we have to take note of the quality too. There is no use of buying cheaper goods at inferior quality. Just beware of what you are purchasing in the supermarkets.

I think with house prices falling rapidly, same goes to consumer confidence, it is no doubt that people are squeezed tighter. The problem is that CPI has increased to 4.4% on the latest figure. Oh dear...

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