Wednesday, 6 August 2008

PKR Anwar Ibrahim

I don't understand the policy in Malaysia. Anwar Ibrahim has been charged with sodomy on a few occasions but yet the court could not hold him to an offence due to the fact that the evidence was virtually non-existence.

We do know that the Permatang by election is coming up and there is a possibility that the police would want to stop Anwar from contesting. The question here is whether the police can simply just charge anyone out of a political rift? Certainly the police can do better than that?

Let's be frank. Anwar Ibrahim is an outspoken person who knows how to gain other people's trust and believed him. Recently, he was trying to convinced the public that he will be able to reduce the price of petrol and diesel tremendously. He quoted that RM2 a litre for petrol is possible. However, this idea was rejected by Najib saying that such a reduction will only burden the government.

Look at the present situation. More and more people are using their vehicle less these days because of the increased in petrol and diesel. Hence, prices started to drop. Not too long ago, crude oil was trading at US$114 a barrel which is way below the US$120 mark. It is a good sign.

I realle hope that petrol and diesel prices will fall. I don't drive so often anymore. Well, I don't really drive often anyway. I prefer walking to driving.

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