Monday, 23 February 2009

Apple Iphone 3G version 2

I have been looking around for the upcoming successor to the ever popular Apple Iphone 3G. I think I have found it. Based on my research, the new Iphone will debut in Jun 2009, exactly a year after Apple have released their 3G Iphone. There is a speculation that Apple will have to release a brand new Iphone once every year to cater for their fan base. I can understand that. I have also noticed that there is a firmware code, iphone 2,1 which would signify that it is a possibility that Apple is going to release an updated Iphone 3G. We don't know about the specifications yet but I am holding on to buying an Apple Iphone.

The thing is that the new Apple Iphone is going to be expensive. Even though it has GPS, it is not going to be as good as a Symbian powered device on A-GPS. I have to say that it is better for us to stick to our guns and see what happens in roughly, three months to go. Shall we?

If you want more information, click here, here, here,here and here. Good luck!

p/s: I think an Apple Iphone with 3D graphics engine will be nice, just like the Nokia E90 and N-Gage. I think Apple might make use of Intel's latest mobile chipset to power their new Apple Iphones. We don't know yet so stay tuned!!!

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