Monday, 23 February 2009

Apple v PC

Have you ever wondered why there is such thing as Apple v PC? I think it has everything to do with Apple. Look at the original IBM PC. It was robust but it was slow. It is quite expensive too, at that time, back in the early 1980s. Steve Jobbs left the core business and came up with his own invention - Mac. It uses a different kind of operating system and it is an alternative to the IBM PC. IBM set the benchmark while other companies raced to build better IBM compatible PCs in terms of its cpu power and also the OS which runs the PCs.

One thing for sure, Steve Jobbs' bet paid off. Look at his fortunes now. We have the Ipods, Iphone and Mac PCs and laptops. Everyone seems to be more familier with it rather than IBM compatible PCs. Why? Is it because people are fed up with the way how Microsoft promotes its Windows systems (crashes all the time with BSOD) or is it due to the fact that Apple products are more appealing to customers?

I have to say that I have been an Apple fan for some time but I could not come up to become a true Apple fan. I like their gadgets but it is always a pain when you want to convert some files from the Apple Mac to a PC. One good example will be a raw file from Mac. You need to convert it to a PC version, otherwise it would not work in a PC at all!

No doubt that the Ipods and the Iphone are good innovative products. Look at it right now. We had the first generation of Iphone and now the 3G version. It is still selling well but people are getting tired of it. No matter what, more and more companies are coming out products to compete against the Iphone. Why? Why is the Iphone so special?

The goodness of the Iphone lies with its OS X. It is a beautifully crafted OS designed to wow everyone including FBI! If you watch NCIS, you would notice that the character 'McGee' is using a first generation of Iphone. The multimedia packed Iphone is second to none. I have been messing around with HTC phones including the latest Touch HD. Its TouchFlo 3D is not as smooth as you would get from getting an Iphone. It is similar with any Windows Mobile devices. The killer application is the Iphone! That is why companies are racing each other to come up with killer applications which could bring Apple's Iphone down to ground zero.


Perhaps they could topple Apple's Iphone OS X in the future but as for now, the Iphone's OS is still supreme. It is just like the European Court of Justice - It overrides all decisions of conflicting judges in a Member States' court. This is, undoubtly, the 'king' of consumer friendliness. To me, the Iphone is supreme, saved for its virtual keyboard. If there is a full size QWERTY keyboard, it will be much better. Perhaps I should be using one for now. The battery last for a few days, much better than my Nokia E90 which I had previously. The UI on the Iphone is a killer!!! I think I might trade in my Nokia E71 for the Iphone. Besides, it is only going to cost me £349.99 for a 16GB 3G Iphone. I will have to see about it. What makes me tick is the accelerometer on the Iphone. It is beautiful!

What about its Apple Mac range of laptops and PCs then? They are overpriced but...

On the laptop range - they are quiet and light and on the desktop range - they are compact and all-in-one design really pay off...

However, the problem with Mac laptops and PCs would be on the issue of overclocking. You would not be able to overclock as easy as on the laptops or on the desktops. However, it is now possible for you to use two OS - one Mac and one Windows on the Mac!!! Well, this is not news anymore as I have tried it on my Macbook before I sold it. It works beautifully!

Well, what can you say about it then? Apple or IBM compatible PCs or laptops?

It is up to you to decide... I might want to get myself an Iphone 3G prepaid with 8GB...Hum...What about paying £50 more for 16GB then? Tempting! I can easily unlock the 3G and use its applications. Oh well, I think I have to put this idea on hold. I am still very much in love with my good old Nokia E71.

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