Saturday, 28 February 2009

Celcom Wireless Broadband? Never!!!

I came across a complaint on The Star Online regarding a former Celcom Wireless Customer who was asked to pay for an early termination fee even though she has returned the usb modem only after three days. I have to say that Celcom staff are not the brightest people on earth. They don't know what is going on. That is why I don't like to use wireless broadband. I think there is a mistake over here which Ms. Goh could pursue the matter with someone at the local Celcom shop. If not, take an action against them and to make the matter worst, write a report to some newspaper and Celcom will be told to act! I wish her good luck.

Companies will try to force customers to pay for something which they don't need to do. Stern actions should be taken over such companies. I would recommend Ms. Goh to look at her Celcom contract again and see what could be done.

I SIGNED up for Celcom broadband USB service at the end of January as I was promised superb service.

I specifically asked if there was connection in my housing area and the agent told me yes.

When I tried using it after signing up, the service was slower than my normal Jaring dial-up which I previously thought was already slow. Most of the time, it’s not even moving!

I cancelled the service and returned the modem on the third day at their Penang branch and requested for a refund based on their seven-day money-back guarantee.

The female staff member told me they would send me a cheque after two months. On Feb 23, I received a bill charging me RM717.68 for early termination!

I emailed them requesting for the manager to respond to my queries since the Contact Centre staff could not assist me whenever I called, but there had been no reply. I feel cheated!


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