Thursday, 19 February 2009

Obama - Mac User!!!

I could not agree more with the president-elect on his preferred choice - an Apple iMac! He likes Apple compared to PC/Microsoft. I think what is important is that he seems to be the alternative to many of us. I have to say that I might start using Mac again after all these years. I have been a fan of the IBM compatible for many years. I think it might be a time whereby I should start dealing with Mac, rather than PC.

You can read all about the goodness of a Mac from a Mac user. Will people be able to convert me from PC to Mac? I think people might be able to do so. I am still using a seven years old laptop made by Compaq and it runs on a p4-m 2.2Ghz which I have upgraded from 1.4Ghz. Just took everything apart including the casing to give it a good thorough clean up before I change the cpu. I then employ a new layer of themal paste onto the cpu and also the graphics card chip before sealing it. Now, the fan is running as before (but cooler although I have employed a better cpu on it).

Wait, what would you have on a Mac which you can't get it on a PC? Quietness. That would be sufficient to swing you across to the Apple camp. Oh yes, another thing - portability... I was using an Apple Macbook 2.0ghz (black colour) and the battery survived three hours (I did watch a movie and surf the internet on my way to London with it). It is so light and very suitable for people like me (I don't like the weight). However, it is not so sweet, certainly not like a bed of roses. You can't simply just remove the cpu and change the cpu on the macbook. You can upgrade the memory but it requires some time for you to do it and other nitty-gritty things.

Anyway, I might decide to change fro my good old faithful - The Compaq Presario 2800 to a Macbook in a year's time. I don't mind using 13.3" compared to 15". The screen is going to be smaller but never mind about it. Maybe I might want to stick with this old faithful until it dies off... in a few year's time. I gave it's life back when I change the rechargable 4400mah battery, change the cd-rw to dvd combo, 2GB of memory instead of 768MB. Oh yes, the difference in power could be seen clearly but Mac is always better than it. I've also bought a new hard drive. The original hard drive was 20GB but now I have a 160GB hard drive. The only thing which annoys me is the noise coming from the fan. As it is a 7 years old fan, it is no way quiet although I have cleaned the fins.

Obama can keep his Blackberry for personal use and he might just get his Mac to be used in his office!!!


Joshua said...

Obama & Hillary are bringing back some level of Sanity into World Politics! It's not going to be an easy task but they are certianly on right track!

ぜるもう said...

USA is renewing their policy towards China and I am sure that with USA and China, the world economy will heal. They need to work side by side. I do agree with Hillary, saying that USA and China should work together...Forget about Human Rights at the moment. The world's economy is at stake.

Joe said...

About the Mac vs PC: Hahaha!

ぜるもう said...

Yes, sorry about that....I will write an article on it very soon.

Joe said...

No, no, I'm sorry! Something wrong with my scrolling before, I ended up putting the message in the wrong column!

ぜるもう said...

You might want to check on your beloved Nokia E71!