Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Standalone GPS or Mobile Phone?

I do have a problem here. I need to choose. Let say you want an Apple Iphone as it has multimedia capabilities as well as GPS not mentioning its good standby time. You need the Apple Iphone to do your e-mails and also to pin-point the location for you. TomTom offers such a service as you can install the GPS software onto the Apple Iphone 3G and you can start using it as a GPS device as well as a true multimedia device as well as a normal mobile phone.

However, the Iphone is expensive. For the 16GB version, it cost around £392 on prepaid. Alternatively, with that sort of money, one could get a normal prepaid phone or pay as you go phone for less than £80 (Nokia 6500 classic) and spend another £160 on a TomTom standalone GPS navigation system for the car.

If it were you, what would you do? Would you rather save around £100 in purchasing a pay as you go phone and spend the money on a standalone GPS device and pocket the rest or you get the Apple Iphone with TomTom?

You can save £100 if you take the first option but you will lose out on the multimedia capabilities and the excellent standby time on the Iphone 3G and vice-versa. Please help.

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