Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Apple Iphone 3G - 1st review

I know that the Apple Iphone 3G has been released in the UK for quite a while now. Initially, I did not want to jump ship (from Symbian to Mac) as I still feel that Nokia phones running on Symbian OS is still much better than the Apple Iphone 3G. Oh well, how wrong was I.

I have been using many Nokia phones these days, ranging from the mighty E90 to the Nokia 6500 Classic. However, there is something which caught my eye - The versatile of the touchscreen Apple Iphone 3G. I had the original Apple Iphone before but I was wondering whether there is any change in the specifications compared to the original Apple Iphone.

Yes, from what I have gathered, the menu speed seems to be much faster than the original Iphone and you have A-GPS with 3G support. Apart from that, I don't think there is any significant changes between the original and the 3G version. No doubt that the new Iphone 3G's speaker is much louder and supports Push E-mails, I still feel that it consumes a lot of power when you are on Wi-fi and 3G.

From my point of view, I quite like the Apple Iphone 3G. You have two versions, the 8GB or the 16GB. Personally, take the 8GB if you are those people who thinks that space matters to you. Well, I don't, really. That is why I've got my hands and try on the 8GB. Besides, the 8GB version is around £50 cheaper than the 16GB version. Just go for the 16GB version then, alright?

I find that the new Iphone is wonderful although it is hard for me to type but it is fine because it takes time to get used to it. The accelerometer is perfect and I feel that everyone should get their hands on the Apple Iphone. There are so many applications to download and best of all, there are free ones! The paid versions are quite alright in prices too so no complaints. I do not have any complaints in the RF as it is good, same goes to its 2MP digital camera. Although it is just merely 2MP, those pictures taken were alright, not too bad at all... The A-GPS was fine and no complaints!!! You can get push e-mails too..Wow...that is wonderful, right? What can I say about the new Apple Iphone 3G? Go for it!!!

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