Saturday, 7 March 2009

Istana Negara

I don't think that it is wise for people to just point finger at other people. There should be some sort of accountability in everything a person is doing. We do not know what was going on when a major crowd appeared close to Istana Negara. After reading the papers, it appears that people want to submit a petition to stop teachers from teaching Maths and Science in English.

What is the problem with them? Are the teachers so bad in English that they could not teach students? If that is the case, who is at fault then? Who was the one who said that Malaysians should use Malay as the official language and pushed English to a side? Who is the person who did that? Before the education was changed from English to Malay, the system was alright. Look at Singapore - We are first world country but react like a third world country... Sad...

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