Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Nvidia Gforce 250 GTS

Nvidia will be releasing the ever awaited mid range graphics card to consumers. Yes, it is non other than the Gfirce 250 GTS. Based on my research, the 250 GTS is nothing more than the Nvidia Gforce 9800 GTX+ which I am using anyway. One difference between those two cards is that the memory address will be different. On the GTS is 512 bit where else on the 9800 GTX+, it is 256 bit. In that case, if you already using a Gforce 9800 GTX+, why bother buying the 250 GTS then? I think it will be better for you to stick with your curreny 9800 GTX+ and save some money for the next best thing - SSD on your desktop!!!

Yes, both OCZ and Intel have begin shipping their high capacity and also high performce SSDs. I am pretty impressed! However, make known that at this point in time, there is no suggestion to install one of them on your rig because it is not affordable as compared to a laptop. Well, for those laptop lovers, here me out! You'll soon be enjoying the fruit of Intel and OCZ on SSDs. It will be great! Hum...I am still hanging on to my seven years old laptop...it can't even take SATA hard drive...Only IDE!!! The best that I can do with it is a 250GB IDE from WD. I am stuck with a 160GB at the moment and I think it is sufficient. What do you think?

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