Sunday, 1 March 2009

UM Vice Chancellor

I feel that it is wrong for UM's Vice Chancellor to criticise on lecturers who could not complete their PhDs in time as stipulated in their contract of employment. I think one thing is for sure is that they do not have their supervisors at all times! I can say this to the extent that I have come across a case where by,a student enroled in a Master's programme, had to delay his dissertation being hand up to his supervisor as his supervisor is always delaying him which led him to a delay in his graduation.

He was a linguistic student stuying in UM and his supervisor is not always around to provide guidence to his dissertation. Often than not, his supervisor will travel overseas and then it will stop him from progressing further. It took his supervisor seven months to look into his draft and another seven months to look into his final draft. What is going on here? Why is the delay? Do you think that it is fair on him to wait for so long? He has to pay the university the same amount of money throughout the two years -wasted!!!

That is why I am not totally happy with what the UM's Vice Chancellor is doing. He is putting pressure on lectures not knowing the full length of problems which are facing those lecturers. He does not understand their problems. If he does, he would not have made that statement. UM's standard is not as good as before because nothing is being done to increase the productivity! Don't blame it on the lecturers because they have their own problems too. Seek out their problems first before making any comments about them. Shame on those people who are at the higher step of the ladder - they are often called - Ivory Towers as they have no clues as to what is going on down the chain.

Professor, you don't need people like me to teach you - You are a professor, right? Do your job!!! Don't just sit there and complaint! You are being paid a large sum so do your job!!!

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