Sunday, 26 April 2009

Firefox on Iphone

I am really sad because Firefox is not going to appear on the Iphone. After reading through some news on the internet, it seems that Apple is making things very difficult for Mozilla Firefox developers to enter the market. I think the EC Commission should step into Mozilla's shoes and require Apple to open up their source code.

Well, Safari on the Iphone is great but it takes up a lot of resources. Even on my windows based laptop, I refused to Internet Explorer 8 because it is a memory hog. Now, the Iphone is underclocked to 412mhz from 624mhz and it should save some battery juice, right? Wrong. With applications like Safari running, it takes up quite a bit of the Iphone's memory. I don't quite understand why Apple does not allow developers to promote a better browser on the Iphone?

Don't you think this situation is similar to Microsoft in dominating the OS platform on most of the pc and laptop today? They tried to integrate Internet Explorer on Windows platform. It caused the closure of Netscape. I like Netscape a lot but it is not that sufficient anymore. It was not until the EU Commission putting a stop to Microsoft that led to freedom of source codes from Microsoft to other companies like Mozilla. Now, Mozilla's Firefox is widely used as it does not take up a lot of memory use, unlike Internet Explorer. I have managed to uninstall Internet Explorer completely from my system. I have total confidence in Mozilla.

Now, it is the same thing with the Iphone. I really hope that Apple will not be stuck up like Microsoft or they will have problems, just like Microsoft - being fined up to 397 million Euros. Think about it...

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