Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hello, this is 3 Repair Team...

Since I have received my damaged phone from 3, I am not happy at all. I was told that the warranty does not cover the damage to the phone. I tried to explain to 3 that just because they do not have the latest software for the phone, it does not mean that it is not within Nokia's warranty!!! The simple thing is that they don't have the facility to repair the phone and they tried to put hte blame on customers! That is not the correct way of doing things, right? Shame on 3!!!

Right, I don't have a phone to use but never mind, I still have a very old LG which is locked to 3 network. Not too bad at all. I will stick to it until my contract ends in September 2009. Just that I was thinking of putting the matter to one side, I got a call from 3's repair team. Guess what? The person on the phone tried to sell me a refurbished Nokia 6600! I was told by him that it usually cost £70 on a contract but he can give it to me for merely £10 but I have to extend the contract for another six months. I think it is rediculous.

First of all, they put the blame on the customer and secondly, they are trying to sell their returned phones from customers to me! How 'nice' of them! Do you think I buy that story? No, I did not. I told him to go away and goodbye. That was the end of it. 3 is so cheeky! So, they will take your phone and return the phone to you saying that the damage is beyond Nokia's warranty and now trying to sell you a phone. It begs the question of why would they want to ask me to send in my phone for repair at the first place if they are going to say that the phone is not covered by Nokia's warranty? I think 3 network is just way too much. They will never get a lot of business from people because they are simply taking people for a ride and they have no respect for the law. Just imagine, no grace period!!! Think about it. I am taking my business to O2 or Vodafone instead. Goodbye 3.

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