Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Microsoft in Hot Soup

Well, once again, Microsoft is in hot soup. Remember not too long ago where they were being fined millions over the way how they sell their products particularly in selling Windows XP with the integrated of Internet Explorer. It does not give a user any choice in which browser they would like to install on their systems.

Now, the Bundeskartellamt has imposed €9 million fine on Microsoft as to the how they sell their Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 in Germany. Such practises were against the competition rules of the EU. You can read all from here.

Actually, I feel quite pitiful for Microsoft. All these while they have been trying on to build their reputation and now they are getting fines all over there place. I am sure that they are going to appeal against the decision but based on their track records, I don't think they will be able to appeal for a lower fine. I am sure that they will want to appeal for a lower fine or to discharge their responsibilities but nothing much is said over here. As it stands, they are being fined for €9 million.

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