Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Skype over Iphone

Remember Fring? I am sure that for those people who owns a Symbian OS phone will know about Fring. Fring is a software app. which will allow customers to gain access to their popular chat clients like MSN,Yahoo,Google,Tweddle,Skype and However, there is a difference in Symbian s60 phones and also other phones like the Symbian s.40 phones. One difference will be the lack of a dedicated menu button on the s.40 phones. Not to worry as most of the Symbian s.60 phones will have a dedicated menu button.

The next question is :'why is it so important'? Well, if your phone has a dedicated menu button, you will be able to minimise current applications which are running on the background which will not affect you making a new call, receiving a call, sending a text message or to check your mailbox. It is so useful, isn't it? Please take note that right now, such feature will only be available on a s.60 phone.

Now, if you have an Apple Iphone and you wish to use Fring, can you minimise it to allow you to do something else? The answer is no. Before that, can you make use of Fring over 2G/3G? The answer is no. How are you going to work around it then? Simple, jailbreak your Iphone.

I am not responsible if you 'brick' your Iphone. I am just trying to feed you all information which I have gathered. If you want to use Fring while you do other things without the need to use wi-fi, there are a few simple steps to do it. First of all, you need to jailbreak your Iphone. Pleae take note that if you do jailbreak your Iphone, you will eventually void your Apple warranty. After jailbreaking your Iphone, head over to Cydia and search for VOIP3g. You will be able to find the application and install it. Once you have done it, you need to go back to Cydia and download Fring. If you can't find Fring in Cydia, go to the Apple Applet store and you will be able to find it. Once you have found Fring, download and install the programme.

Now, that is the first part. Reboot your Iphone and you will be able to use Fring over 2G/3G. Please make sure that you have an unlimited data plan or at least sufficient data plan to go with it. Otherwise, using Fring might cost you an arm and a leg, alright? Now, assuming that you can use Fring over 2G/3G, you can't accept a call/make a call/send a text message/receive a text message without closing the application. Move over! Get back to Cydia and download a programme called 'backgrounder'. After installing it, restart the Iphone and you will be alright. Now, you will be able to use minimise Fring! Good luck to all of you!!!

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