Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Windows 7 Home Premium Pre - Order

Microsoft have started pre- orders for their upcoming Windows 7 OS today. The programme will continue until 7th August 2009. Well, what are you waiting for? It is such a beautiful OS as of to date. I could not imagine using Windows Vista ( which was pre-loaded onto my computer) for another second! It is so buggy that I could not make use of the IE 8. Whenever I try to use it, the browser will crash. Well, tell me about it, alright?

Yes, I have jump ship. I have made a pre-order for Windows 7 which will be released on 22 October 2009. I know that it is three months to go before it is launched but the OS looks promising as I am using Windows 7 RC now.

Pc World is stating that they have received good response to Windows 7 Pre-order. Well, I'm not surprised as it is a very good software. I am sure that it will be very expensive when it is released - It's going to be £110 for the Home Premium Version if you are going to buy it later. Grab one for yourself!!!

Update: 20/07/2009 - Just realised that there is still some sort of discount for would-be buyers of the Windows 7 OS by Microsoft although not great. If you were to point your browser to Amazon UK, you can still see that the Windows 7 Home Premium buyers will still get 53% discount over the retail price while both Professional and Ultimate versions will see around 15% discount over the retail price.

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