Saturday, 12 September 2009

City of Angels - Bristol

If you have the opportunity to travel within the UK, please pay a visit to Bristol. I will tell you why it is very important to see what it's like in Bristol. Before I continue, it is also vital that I introduce Bristol to you. Bristol is an old merchant city where it is well known for its slavary business through the old Bristol harbour. The city was well developed using many of the donations from the slavary trade. Having said that, the ciry flourishes as you will never forget Bristol once you leave the place.

Bristol has two universities, one being University West of England and another, University of Bristol. Both universities are well to do in the rankings in terms of teaching and they both offer many successful courses. If you intent to study law, UWE is the best option for you as they do offer LLB, LLM and also BVC, not to forget LPC which will ensure that you are qualified to become a solicitor.

University of Bristol has one of the best law libraries in England whilst UWE's law library is not far from it either, taking into account that UWE started its life as a polytechnic. They have grown quite far and they are still growing. I have to comment that lecturers and staffs in UWE are more approachable as compared to those in University of Bristol.

If you are thinking of studying in Bristol, it has one of the best enviornments in the South England. There are many open spaces, open parks, a beautiful habour, a suspension bridge to look at, good places to stay like in Clifton, along Gloucester Road and also St. Andrews. There are many shops and supermarkets along Gloucester ROad. Shops will open as early as 0600 to cater for the early birds. You will also find many supermarkets along Gloucester Road for instance and prices are quite reasonable.

One thing which you need to understand is that Bristol has three hospitals, one being child specialist hospital. The police force is brilliant and it goes the same to other public services.

Until recently, their shopping areas will be The Mall at Cribbs Causeway and also downtown area. However, with the refurbishment, it saw many customers flocking to downtown instead of Cribbs Causeway. Do you know why? First of all, Cribbs Causeway is just a tad too far from town. For most people who are staying close to the city, they will want to shop around the city. That is why the Cabot Circus was created. Many new shops were open. Big established names like Harvey Nicholas and Boss had an outlet over in the Cabot Circus. You can also find an Apple Store and many other cafes around. It is such a relieve for many shoppers as they are more choices to choose from.

In a nutshell, Bristol is the place to be and people should stay in Bristol. It is a vibrant city, full of happiness and you will never get bored...

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