Tuesday, 8 September 2009

T-Mobile UK + Orange UK = 1?

News have emerged that both T- mobile UK and Orange UK are set to merge under a new plan to solve their respective company's problem. I think a merger is vital as it will help to reduce a possibility that it will have to lay off workers. I do hope that the deal will go through and the present worker's jobs will be retained. I salute T-mobile for this move!

It seems that with the merger of T-mobile and Orange in the UK to go ahead, it will put more pressure on Vodafone UK to perform. I have to say that I strongly believed that Vodafone UK will do well because they have very good signals in many areas in the UK and no one will be able to beat them. I am really sad to see that their profits have gone done but it is inevitable due to the intensified competition in the market. What is important is that Vodafone UK will continue to strenghten their network signals in the market. Market share is not the only solution to profitability.

It has been years which saw T-mobile and Orange in the UK have suffered losses due to the shortage of a good customer base. Vodafone on the other hand is having the difficulty to maintain their existing customer. I do hope that Vodafone will pull through because I do believe that they have THE BEST customer service among all mobile network providers in the country. Believe me as I have lots of experience with them.

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