Saturday, 31 October 2009

1000 Days

It is official! Today marks the 1,000th days to the London Olympics in 2012! This is an achievement which British should be proud of. Although the preparation for the 2012 London Olympics was dodged by overspending, nevertheless it is back on track.

With the London Olympics 2012 in motion, we will be able to see major developments towards East London in particular where it needs promotion badly and the mighty Wembley Stadium.

I am really looking forward to seeing the realty of the London 2010 Olympics. However, I'm quite skeptical as to whether officials and sports person who are participating in the events will be transported quickly enough during the Olympics as the London traffic is no stranger to traffic vows. Basically, there should be a system where people could be transported quickly between venues. Until now, there is still a major problem - traffic jams. I do really hope that with the ongoing Olympics in London will not put London traffic to a standstill.

Good luck to them!

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