Sunday, 18 October 2009

Royal Mail Fiasco

I just don't understand about Royal Mail. The Postal Union has decided to stage two 24 hours strike and guess what? Consumers will not be able to get their letters delivered on time. There is a talk in town asking for consumers to send their Christmas cards as early as... NOW... Can you imagine sending Christmas cards two months early? That is totally unacceptable!

At this moment when Postal Union is staging more strikes, Royal Mail is hiring 30,000 temporary staff to deliver letters. I think Royal Mail bosses have no choice but they have to hire more staff. This is to ensure that there will be a samooth flowing of the day to day operations. What do you think guys? Do you think Postal Union should continue with their strikes?

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ぜるもう said...

Oh dear... The national strike will commence tomorrow until Saturday morning. This is not happening...This will mean that there will be lots of undelivered mails/parcels. Look here.