Friday, 23 October 2009

Windows 7 Professional Installation

I had a problem while installing Windows 7 Professional onto my laptop. I am using a Dell Studio 15 and I did experience some difficulty while installing Windows 7 Professional. No information was given as to the problem which I have encountered yesterday. The worst part was that I have spent a good four solid hours in looking out for clues to solve the installation problem. Below is an outline of what has happened.

22/10/2009 - 0035

That was the time where I have received an e-mail from Microsoft stating that I can download the required files to install Windows 7 Professional. Once I've downloaded the setup file (which took less than one minute to download), I've set out to download three more components, one of which is the main .exe file.

22/10/2009 - 0700

The download took around 90 minutes which was good. The laptop shut itself off once the download was completed. Initially, I thought that it will be just a straight forward installation but I was wrong. I kept on getting the same error during installation - No sufficient permission to install Windows 7 Professional!

I could not believe what I have seen taking into account that I am the only administrator on my laptop. That was really strange.
I have tried to enable total sharing of all my folders but yet no joy. In the end, I was rather desperate to find an answer. All hell went lose.In the end, I have managed to find the answer here. It took me a good 30 minutes to find the answer online. 

Didn't I always praise the internet for getting useful information? Yahoo!!!! I have solved the problem! The thing is that if you are thinking of installing Windows 7 on your netbook through the downloaded Windows 7 OS, it could be done by using an external hard drive.

If you are using a laptop or pc and you have downloaded the Windows 7 from the internet, you need to use the above method which I have mentioned to create an .iso file before using PowerISO to burn the .iso onto a DVD. The process should take no longer than 30 minutes depending on your DVD burner.

The whole installation process including searching for the information to burn an ISO file took me around 3 hours to do so. Excellent!

Good luck!

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