Sunday, 8 November 2009

Apple Iphone - Worst Mobile Phone for 2009

You could disagree with cNet for publishing an article about the Apple Iphone being the worst mobile phone to use for 2009 in the entire world! I have to say that I do agree to an extent of what has been said. First of all, I always get dropped calls whenever I receive or make a call from the Apple Iphone 3G. Mind you, I have already updated the 3G to 3.0 when I bought the Apple Iphone 3G. Apple was trying to blame it on the immature Infineon radio chip. Complaints have been fall on deaf ears in the United States, in the United Kingdom and many other countries. Clearly there is something wrong about the Apple Iphone.

Apparently, the problem of calls being dropped is a worldwide matter and it does not only being contained in the United States alone. I have to say that I don't really like the issue of having my calls being dropped and the receiver of the call will not be able to hear my voice properly if I use the Iphone. That is bad enough.

Secondly, the Apple Iphone is quite heavy. This does not matter if you have the original Iphone, the second generation or the third generation of the Iphone - They are equally heavy. Although it comes with a scratch-resistant glass, it does not fare well while looking at the screen under the sun.

Thirdly, the Apple Iphone is of inferior quality!!! Look at the price!!! the Apple Iphone 3GS is priced at £540 (32GB version) on pay as you go! It is locked to O2 UK (although it is possible for someone to order an unlock code from O2 after November 10, 2009) and tethering is at extra charge. What on earth is Apple thinking? It is just too expensive!!! If we take the 3GS for a comparison, the 3.15MP digital camera without flash is not as good as a Nokia with xenon or dual flash. One good argument with it is that the cpu is non other than the good old ARM Cortex A8 which is pretty fast at 600mhz (Apple underclocked the cpu from 800mhz to 600mhz to save energy).

In the end, what do you get from the Apple Iphone saga? Over priced technology. That is why it is turning away many people. Think about it though, for the same amount of money, you could get yourself a HTC HD2 which is far more superior than the Apple Iphone.

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ぜるもう said...

Worst come to worst, there is a new rouble with the Apple Iphone across the range. The very first Iphone virus is out in the wild so take care!!!