Monday, 2 November 2009

Apple Safari - Version 4

It is hard to believe that I am abandoning Firefox all together. I am sure that you all must had had lots of experience in using different browsers like the Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.5.4 and also Opera 10. For the last two years I have been ignoring Safari because I don't like to use it. One of the many complaints which I had was the inflexibility of the browser to behave like Firefox or Internet Explorer 8. Well, the waiting is over.

The latest Apple Safari 4 browser (4.0.3) is pretty impressive. No doubt that you might not get the same kind of flexibility which you would get on Firefox 3 but nevertheless, it is as good as Firefox. I would really recommend people to start using Apple Safari 4. Gone are the days where the Safari browser is mainly "Mac" oriented. It has totally come out of it. I am very happy to say that the Safari browser is worth a try.

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