Thursday, 12 November 2009

"Apple Uses The Best Technology"

Can you imagine someone saying that Apple uses the best technology which money can buy? I don't think it is true though. Honestly, I have serious doubts about the whole sentence! How would a person especially the CEO of Nvidia voicing his choice of brand in the open market?

It is true that Apple have good dealings with Nvidia. Remember Apple's notebooks? Well, most of them are based on Nvidia's GPU anyway!!! What is the matter with him then? Don't you think he is a little bit too bias towards Apple?

Although it is a known fact that Apple is the most profitable phone company in the United States (surpassing Nokia), I have no love for Apple though. The one thing which I'm so annoyed with Apple is that it does not allow consumers to send or receive text messages or make/receive calls through bluetooth - on your laptop. Other phone manufacturers especially Nokia supports this technology. A consumer will have to pay for tethering when they are using their Iphones but not for other manufactueres. Is it not time for us to drive away from Apple?

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