Sunday, 15 November 2009

HTC HD2 vs Nokia E72 vs Apple Iphone 3GS

Vodafone UK has released the HTC HD2 on a £40 a month contract for 18 months. With the £40 a month, you will be getting 900 minutes and unlimited text messages to go along with it. If you order online, you will get an extra 300 minutes and internet browsing for free!!! That would mean that in the end, you will be getting 1200 minutes, unlimited text messages and unlimited interne browsing each month for 18 months!!! Wow!

Besides the HTC HD2, you can also choose the Nokia E72 on the Vodafone UK network. The phone will be free, similar to the HTC HD2 and the price plan will be the same as the HTC HD2 too.

Do we still need the Iphone 3GS when we have the HTC HD2 and the Nokia E72 onboard?

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