Thursday, 26 November 2009

Nokia E72-1, The Undefeated Hero of E71

I have seen many people lashing out on Nokia's brand new E72. Of all those complaints against the E72, I have analysed that most of their complaints are not true.


People have started comparing the E72 to the E71 (it's natural as the E72 is the successor to the E71). Even though the E72 had a speed bump from 369mhz to 600mhz, some people still do not think that it is justified to buy the E72. I don't agree on this point though. First of all, speed is not everything as you would have realised. Look at Intel. Remember those early Pentium 4 days? Intel ignored AMD by pushing the limit on their cpu. In the end, the early Pentium 4s (Socket 423 to early Socket 478) created a limiting factor on how Intel is going to pursue their dream of a faster cpu - heat. As the clock frequency of their early Pentium 4 cpus were getting faster, it generated more heat and up to a point where by it is not justified to buy a better Intel cpu at that time due to the heat that it emits. That was why Intel went back to the drawing board and took their Pentium III design and gave it some modification. That was where the Intel Core cpus were born. The moral of the story is that speed is not everything.

Look at the Iphone 3GS for instance... Do you think that the Toshiba TG01 (cpu speed at 1Ghz) is faster than the Iphone 3GS which is rated at 600mhz? Wrong! The speed on the Toshiba device may be faster than the Iphone 3GS but the superiority of the Mac OSX gave Toshiba TG01 a run for its money. In benchmark wise, the Iphone 3GS is a clear winner here!


In comparison to the Nokia E71, the E72 is a tad thicker than the E71. Having said that, any E72 user will be able to benefit from the new Symbian OS 9.3 with FP2 instead of the FP1 on the E71. Visual enhancements are present on the E72 and you could feel that the E72 has the "aero" effect which you could not find it on the E71. I have no problems with the functions of the E72 except for the ability of any E72 user to get accessed to their Microsoft Exchange e-mails. There is a known bug which Microsoft is not taking it seriously. If your server runs on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, there is a big chance that you will not be able to read the body of your e-mail but you could read the headings of each e-mail. It is a shame which Microsoft wants people to start using the latest software... Naughty Microsoft!!!

The E72 has everything which you could ask for. At least I can safely say that I don't get as much OS freezing on the E72 as compared to the E71 (touch wood)!!!In fact, I have encountered NO OS freezing on the E72 so far (after 2 days of using it) but I've already encountered numerous OS freezing on my E71 which I had three exchanges with Vodafone last year!!!


The third problem which many people would complain will be the price of the Nokia E72. The Nokia E72 could be purchased on a brand new, SIM free price of £350 from Nokia. You could get a piece from reputable sellers on ebay such as e-cell and prepaymania where the device could be purchased at around £320 SIM free.

The E71, on the other hand, is still priced at around £250 which has no change in terms of its pricing since last year! Well, what are they complaining of? It's £100 difference between the old and the new model and I do think that it is justified to buy the E72 as you are getting more than just a speed bump. With the E72, there is no problem in opening and closing of the battery door and there is still metal surrounding the E72 but it is more sexy now. It resembles more like a "sup-up" Blackberry. I would go for the E72 than to get a Blackberry device myself. Symbian all the way!!!

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