Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Disable Security Warning on Internet Explorer

I have come across many security warnings whenever I use Internet Explorer 8. In fact, it comes to a point where by I would just want to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 and continue using Firefox 3.5.5. However, that would not solve the matter, isn't it?

That is why I have decided to look for some answers. Well, I have found the answer. What you need to do to disable the security warnings on the Internet Explorer will be to fire up Internet Explorer. Click on "Tools" and then "Internet Options". From there, click on the "Security" tab and then click on "custom level". Make sure that the "Internet" option is selected and not others before you click on the "custom level". Scroll under the title of "miscellaneous" and look for "Display Mixed Content". Enable the option and apply. Close and then restart Internet Explorer 8 and you will not get the annoying security warnings of allowing consumers to choose between displaying a webpage on "https" format or "http" format.


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