Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Virgin Mobile Customer Service

I had lots of difficulty in trying to get through to Virgin Mobile Customer Service these days. I was told to call back some other time but how am I going to call back when I need to get a response from the team? You would not believe it as a call to Virgin Mobile's Customer Service will take around 40 minutes before you can actually speak to someone on the phone.

I am curious as to the efficiency of the team in trying to get things moving speedily. Is it not because they are short of staff and they could not coup up with the workload? If that is the case, it is important that they get more temporary staff for the holiday season!

There were many issues which Virgin Mobile could address. One of which will be the efficiency of they way the run the business.

One example will be where if you are being promised that you will be receiving a product on a certain day and you have stayed in your house just to wait for them and guess what? It did not arrive!!! You then called Virgin Mobile and you were being told that they have got the wrong address and it will be sent to you the next day. You then wait for the product to arrive but it did not. The parcel only arrive four days after it was promised that it should have arrived. What sort of customer service is Virgin providing then? I was not even given the apology over the said matter!

In another development, I do feel that Virgin Mobile should send their employees for training. This is because the employees whom I spoke to said different things pertaining to the same matter! I don't know who to rely on! Why can't the employees say the same thing to assure their customers?

I really hope that Virgin Mobile will upgrade their level of customer service. It is a good network (based on T-mobile UK) with many pro consumer terms and conditions. I don't want a few rotten apples to spoil the image of the company.

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