Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Google Nexus One

I had managed to find the specifications of the lovely Google Nexus One mobile phone on the internet. After reading through this page, I was quite sad to see that the phone manufactured by HTC does not support multitouch, a common function on the Apple's Iphone. Google was quick to say that the phone with 1Ghz of cpu power is "An Iphone Killer". Well, not quite, just yet.

Although the Nexus One is equipped with the fastest cpu and with 512MB memory with support of an external memory card for up to 32GB, it does not have the capabilities of the Iphone in terms of its speciality - multitouch. I'm sad as the phone is now on sale for around £350 - Similar price to the Iphone 3G 16GB. Well, I'm not getting one of the Nexus One just yet. I think it is good to wait for a bit longer for the Android market to be a little bit more mature (even though it is now on Android 2.1 [Eclair]).

The specifications are wonderful on the Google Nexus One but it does not allow me to bluetooth the phone to any laptop and use its PC Suite, just like Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Perhaps we should give the Android more time before judging them, isn't it?

The Nexus One is set to be in the hands of Vodafone when it arrives at the UK shores (surprise, surprise). I have no doubt that Vodafone will get the bid to be the first to launch the Google Nexus One after they lost to T- Mobile in being the first to launch the very first Android phone - the Google G1 in the UK. I do believe that Vodafone UK is doing well as they are still the only mobile provider to offer the Nokia E72 in the country although Virgin Mobile is trying to play a catch up. They are still waiting for the handset while Vodafone has started selling them like hot cakes!

More reviews could be seen here and the official page is found here.

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hanum said...

It's awesome mobile, cool. I like it ;)