Monday, 1 March 2010

Google Chrome

I was quite frustrated with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8. This is so because I was experiencing sluggishness on my machine although I have upgraded the memory to 8GB. I then installed Google Chrome and ran the task manager and saw IE 8 taking onboard around 100MB while Google Chrome 4 was only taking in 10MB running on one window and it was the same home page. I was just shocked and could not express my deepest sadness to depart with it.

Advantages of IE 8 
The IE 8 has done a good job in the sense that it offers flexibility when accessing Microsoft Exchange. You do not need to always click on 'check messages' whenever you want to check for your incoming e-mails. It will be just like a push e-mail when you are using IE 8 to gain access to your work e-mails through Microsoft Exchange (MfE).

Disadvantages of IE 8
With the IE 8 ,Microsoft have mentioned that it is speedier than the IE 7 but I could not see the speed bump! I have tried my level best to stick to IE as I don't want to change from one browser to the other. I have to do so because the fan on my laptop kept on running on high whenever I'm using IE 8 to run flash objects. With Google Chrome, the fan will only switch on slightly and not very loud. It was different when using the IE 8. Not only the fan is noticeable, it was spinning loudly! This is an additional headache for me as it also consumes more resources.

Enter the Tiger
The Google Chrome is much more light weight than Microsoft's IE 8 but it does the job! It is relatively faster than the IE 8 and I'm loving it! The latest version, Chrome version 4, has adopted some innovations by allowing extensions to be included on the web browser itself. It is just like Firefox 3 at the moment. I'm quite happy with Google Chrome at the moment and I hope that it will continue to inspire people to be more 'creative' in coming out with better browser.

Presently (06/03/2010), Google has released the updated Chrome version to 5.0.342.2. It is relatively more stable as I don't get crashes as often as the previous version when I am running on some browser extensions. Good work!

Final words...
It was a shame that IE 8 could not get past the Acid3 test. I have tried it myself and it stopped at 20/100, just like what other reviewers have mentioned before. This is a big contrast to Google Chrome as it passed the Acid3 test!!!

Way to go Google Chrome! Don't despair Microsoft!!! I hope that the IE 9 will be much better and speedier than the IE 8... Fingers crossed...

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