Saturday, 27 March 2010

Nokia N900 on Steroids!

It was an unofficial announcement that Nokia N900 owners will see a dual boot between the existing Maemo 5 OS and the new MeeGo OS in the near future! That is just splendid! I was jumping up for joy as the development into the Maemo 5 OS seems to have stalled!!!

I am really hoping that Nokia developers will be able to release the updated Nokia N900 firmware next week!!!


02/04/2010: There's an opportunity for all Nokia N900 users to install Meego on their N900. However, I don't think I'm going to do so because it might just disable the £500 device. I think I would rather stick to the Maemo 5 OS until it is authorised by Nokia to do so. However, it will be really nice if N900 will have an updated firmware which will speed up the cpu from 600mhz to 800mhz.

To tell you honestly, I've been testing out an Apple Iphone 3GS running on 3.1.3 firmware. Comparing that to the N900, I would still prefer the N900. Do you know why? Stay tuned as I will make a comparison of using both of them in another post.

I've managed to download maps using Nokia Map Loader!!! That is just fantastic!!! At the moment, I'm just curious as to whether I'm still on the map version 1.01 or the 2.0... Fingers crossed!

04/04/2010: The browser on the N900 rocks!!! I could never open many webpages with the Iphone 3GS but the N900 just did it without any fuss! Two thumbs up for Nokia!

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