Friday, 2 April 2010

Internet Explorer *Update*

I have been a user of Internet Explorer 8 for some time now. In fact, I was so eager to get rid of it when Vista was launched but I could not do so as it is part of the OS. When Windows 7 was announced, I was so excited because I can now finally say goodbye to Internet Explorer (IE).

The reason why I don't like it is because it is slow and it takes up lots of memory resources! I could feel that my machine is working like a horse when I am using IE 8. It is terrible! I do frequently receive empty websites which does not display anything at all but all other internet browsers e.g. Firefox 3.6, Chrome 4.1.2, Opera 10 and Safari 4 could display the page. I just would not understand why IE 8 will not be able to display all websites properly!

Perhaps the only reason why I would use IE 8 would be websites specifically work on IE and no other. One good example will be PC Pitstop. Their benchmarks and tests would only work if you are using IE. No doubt that you could still run test on their websites using Firefox but it would not be optimised. Another good example will be the use of the web based Microsoft Exchange (MfE). You could use alternative browsers to gain access to your MfE account but you would only be able to use the MfE Lite and not the full version. The question now is how are you going to run those pages using an alternative browser then?

The answer is quite simple. When you want to gain access to those websites which are optimised for IE, you could download add-ons, e.g. within Firefox 3.6, you could actually install an add-on called IE tab. It is the same goes to Google Chrome 4.1 and the page will load up, just like loading it up on the IE.

I think Microsoft should brush up with their skills on the upcoming IE 9 .No doubt that Neelie Kroes has managed to put a dent in their books but the major problem at the moment is consumer's preference. Consumers have more choices right now to choose which browser that they want to surf the internet. It was good that Windows 7 was created as consumers could uninstall IE 8!!! With only around 35% passes for Acid3 Test on the IE 9, people do expect more from Microsoft though.

Long live freedom!!!

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