Friday, 23 April 2010


For those of you who like art, you might want to pay a visit to Sitges. It is a beautiful seaside city with lots of beautiful beaches. There are many small shops and it is well known to be an area which is Gay and Lesbian friendly.

Having said that, not many people know about Sitges. I hope that after you have finished reading this post, you will have a better idea of Sitges.

Sitges is located not too far away from Barcelona. In fact, if you are thinking of having a quiet spot for your holiday, away from the noise, you might want to pay a visit to Sitges. Apart from the beautiful beaches, you will be able to meet a great man - Josep Puigmarti.

Josep Puigmarti
Josep Puigmarti is an artist all his life. His work is nothing like other painters. He is special. In fact, I had the opportunity to meet the man himself! He told me brieftly about his life and he is very warm. A soft spoken man himself, he will open up after he comes to know you better.

He is currently residing in Estela Hotel in Barcelona. He has beenstaying there for more than 15 years. What he does is to decorate the walls of the hotel by putting up his paintings on the wall.

He is just terrific. I had the luxury of having a chat with him for around 30 minutes in the morning. It was great!!! I had the opportunity to go throughmost of his work. In fact, you will be able to find his work throughout the hotel!

Words can't fully express how much I felt about meeting this great man. It was just out of this world. At the end of our conversation, he signed an autograph for me. I do cherish it very much!

Staying in Estela Hotel
You must stay in Estela Hotel when you are in Sitges. The staff are so kind and generous especially Christina, Max and Alan. Both Christina and Max are Spanish but Alan is an Englishman! Christina and Alan works in the hotel's restaurant while Max is in charge of the reception.

To me, I feel that if you stay in Estela Hotel, you will feel very much like home. Depending of which room you are staying, you can have a swim if you feel like it. It is a pity that they do not have a gymnasium. Otherwise it will attract more tourists. You might want to stay in room 119 as the room is spacious and cosy. Room service is excellent and I have no doubt that you will feel attached to the hotel at the end of your stay in the hotel.

If you like arts, you can meet the man himself. Josep Puigmarti is always available these days in the early morning. You will be able to find him sitting in the lounge of the ground floor reading newspaper in the morning. As I have mentioned before, always feel free to approach him. He will be able to tell you about his work and his life. It makes staying in the hotel more fulfiling!

Interesting Places in Sitges
I do need to introduce Sitges to you. Sitges is a small city and it is building up as the day goes by. You will be able to find many clean and beautiful beaches around. There are many small shops in the new city but I would prefer the old city. This is because with the old city, you will be able to witness the architecture surrounding the city.

There is a cathedral in the centre of the old city. You should have a look at it though. Besides that, you would also need to have a look at the castle which stands out in the crowd. The city is trying to modernise itself. I do feel that it is perfect because I do feel attached to the city. Even though I was in Barcelona before ending up in Sitges, I do feel the urge to pay another visit to the city of Sitges.

FoodI have to say that if you like seafood and boat sailing, Sitges will not be short of offering seafood at affordable value without any compromise to the taste. The best place to have your food is still at Estela Hotel. The food is good and the price is reasonable. You can also order something special to your liking and it could be arranged.

I did fancy the fish soup at Estela hotel. It taste just nice. I am saying this is because there are many restaurants around which will offer you fish soup but it is just too salty. In fact, most restaurants in Barcelona will cook meals which are too salty....that is not the same with Estela Hotel. With Estela Hotel, you can just try to customise your food and they will do their best. Their menu is just great!

When it comes to customer service in a hotel, I do expect quite a lot especially when considering that Estela Hotel is rated at four star. Unless you are ignorant, you will love staying in the hotel. Besides generous and customer focused employees, the hotel is a perfect location to get some groceries and going to the beach!

All rooms in the Estela Hotel will have a luxury bathroom, a kitchen, a spacious living room and a balcony. Depending of which room you are staying, you might find that you have the opportunity to sit on a proper 3-2-1 sofa coupled with a table and two sets of chairs for having your meals!!! Customers who are staying in Estela Hotel will have access to normal television channels and also digital channels including The Disney Channel, CNN and CNBC. Just imagine when you sit on the balcony reading a book while enjoying the view in front of you with a drink beside. Fabulous!

Oh yes, you do get people taking some time off during the day for ciesta. Most of the shops around will abide by the ciesta culture but there are growing number of businesses which are not following the culture presently. Keep it moving, Sitges!!!

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