Sunday, 4 April 2010

Solving Microsoft Exchange Issue on N900

As I have mentioned before, I still can't get the N900 to sync with Microsoft Exchange. So happened, I've managed to come across this page which lead me to this page. After that, I went to this page which gave me instructions to proceed with installing the MfE folders which you could find more on here.

Unfortunately, despite of all the effort which I have made, I have not able to sync my e-mails with the N900 as it is a well known issue with the OS itself. I was told that there is a permanent solution to it which would be released in the coming updates of the firmware. I think the next update of the firmware would be most probably PR 1.2. The Maemo website and the Maemo wiki have helped me loads but the updated firmware should be released very soon. I will be waiting...

Well, let's hope that the Maemo team will come up with the solution fast as I'm not giving up so fast on the N900 yet! It has so much of potential to be one of the best mobile devices in town! Not even the Iphone 3GS and the Ipad could come close to it (Well, the Iphone 3GS uses a better graphics chip than the N900 and the Ipad uses a customised A4 SOC chip from ARM).

Waiting for the answer...

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