Saturday, 29 May 2010

Palm Pre Plus & Palm Pixie Plus

After playing with the original Palm Pre for a while, it makes me wonder whether the upgraded Palm Pre will do any good. Let's recap. The original Palm Pre has less memory (256MB) and less storage space (8GB). The Palm Pre Plus has 512MB of ROM and 16GB of insternal storage with the rest similar to the original Palm Pre. Question is whether it is worth while buying the new mobile device from Palm?

I always do believe in giving people chances to rectify the flaws. Similarily, with the Palm Pre Plus, it is very useful to have a look at the device before settling down with a conclusion. On paper, the specification of the Palm Pre Plus is good but I was not impressed with the fixed focus 3.15MP auto focused lens. Perhaps Palm could have done it much better.

On the other hand, without an option to increase the internal memory, it might restrict a user's ability to store more applications or songs. A very good example will be the Apple Iphone. I was really happy when Nokia released the N900. It has an internal memory of 32GB with the option of increasing it to 64GB with an additional 32GB microSD card. However, it is quite difficult for Apple to provide such option to consumers. That is why I am always give my full support for Nokia to expand their business. With the upcoming N8, I am hoping that the CPU will witstand the many tortures later once it is being launched.

With Palm Pre Plus, I see that not many people are gearing toward buying one for themselves. I guess many people are looking elsewhere- Nokia N97 mini, HTC Desire, Nokia N900, Motorola Milestone and so on... They are so many options to choose from!

As for the Palm Pixie Plus, I think just forget about it. It is just too expensive, just like the Iphone. The only difference is that the Iphone does not have a QWERTY keyboard like the Pixie Plus. Go for the N8 when it is launched!

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