Saturday, 5 June 2010

Ryanair II

Remember the ash cloud incident last month where many flights were grounded for more than a week? Well, I am sure that you are also aware that initially, Ryanair was not prepared to pay for the cost of accomodation for stranded customers. It led to pressure groups and lawyers to enforce Regulation 261/2004 for long delays, cancellation and denied boarding of any flight by customers. Later, Ryanair issued a statement stating that they will pay for stranded customer's "reasonable expenditure" as a result of them being stranded overseas.

The most recent news is that Ryanair is still not prepared to pay for all stranded customer's cost. Instead, they are referring the matter to the ECJ! If you read this page, it shows you how far Michael O' Leary is willing to go to stop customers from claiming compensation from them. He is obviously quite angry that someone who has paid £30 to the Canary Islands and was stuck there for some time. In the end, the bill came up to around £3000. He refused to pay for it. Well, think about it. His airline has been given the go ahead to fly passengers to so many destinations. Surely, he would have to stick to the rules.

I don't think what he is saying is correct 100%. He is just trying to put on a delay tactic and it is just not reasonable at all. Obviously he will make shareholders and his crew happy but not for all his customers. I think that it will be a good test case in the ECJ later. If you are interested, you could visit this page.

Watch this space.

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