Thursday, 30 September 2010

Why not Android, Nokia? Well...

After reading through the spoke person from Nokia regarding the incompetence of the Android OS, I would like to stress out that it will be wrong for Nokia to do so. I am saying this from a user's stand point.

I would like to say that the Android OS is not without problems. Like all other OSs, it has its own fair share of bugs and the Google OS team is doing what they could to improve on the OS. I think it will be an ill statement to criticise another OS especially when it is quite new.

Coming back to bugs on the mobile OS, look at Nokia. Nokia has its own share of problems with the Symbian s60 and s40 platforms. One good example will be the OS on the SE Satio. It runs on the s60v5 edition. Until now, the OS on the Satio is still crashing off and on and it takes a while for the digital camera to reload when taking pictures. Sad to see that the hardware is perfect but the mobile device has a crippled OS. What is Nokia going to respond in this then?

Never mind with SE phones. Lets talk about Nokia phones. There will always be a problem with their softwares when they have a launch of their new devices. That is why smart people will always wait for a while before purchasing a new mobile device from Nokia. Many people will wait until there is an update for the Nokia device before buying it.

I really do hope that Nokia will not under estimate other people's OS. They should, instead, keep up the good work by improving on their OSs.

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