Saturday, 27 November 2010

Acer TimelineX 3820TZ

Ever since I had the 1001P with me, I could not stop using it at all as I am finding it so useful! I do not need to always take the charger with me all the time as the battery will be able to last around 12 hours with one single charge! It is just remarkable! It is the ideal portability for people who are always on the move.

However, what about those people who want to have a bigger screen without doing too much damage on the battery itself? I have done quite a bit of research lately regarding laptops with 13.3" and 14" screen as I do feel that they will be ideal for those people who want to have a bigger screen but still keep the battery charger away for as long as possibile.

If you really notice, Asus have released their UL30 series and UL80 series laptop. Asus claims that the battery on those laptops will be able to hold around 9 hours with one single charge on a light usage. It is good to point out that with Asus's Super Hybrid Engine, it works quite well in preserving some juice when the firepower is not needed. Bear in mind that the Asus UL30A is hovering around the price range of £550  if you get one from The UL30A comes with a 4GB DDR3 memory, 13.3" screen, 2kg in weight, powered by a Core 2 Duo SU 7300 and its graphics is managed by Intel's GMA X4500MHD. Considering the fact that it runs on a 4400mAh battery, Asus have come up with a good way of saving battery life over here! I don't think I have any criticisms of the Asus UL30A apart from the fact that the price is just a little bit too high. Apart from that, the cpu is alright but the graphics could have been sourced from the latest Intel chipset - Intel HD Graphics instead.

If you don't feel like browsing through, you could search through, and also I have to stress out the importance of one be very careful when buying online. You need to be extra vigilant as you need to look at the seller's profile before making a purchase especially trying to buy something off from ebay or amazon. There is no harm in buying things from those two places but just be careful.

Apart from those websites, you could look into simplyacer or simplyasus for some rock bottem bargains if you are interested in getting any products from the brand Acer or Asus.

From my research, I have come up with a surprising detail about Intel's low offering of Pentium P6100. It is not that popular but it powers Acer's TimelineX 3820TZ! The only problem with the P6100 is that it does not have hyperthreading and it does not feature the latest cpu saving technology like its Core i3, i5 and i7 counterpart. The Acer 3820TZ is a good offer though. It is 1.6kgs in weight as it does not come with an optical drive but it has 3x usb ports and 3GB DDR3 memory. Graphics is powered by Intel's HD engine so it is the latest offering from Intel. The one thing which I was quite cross about it was the exclusion of bluetooth. Not to worry as you could get a bluetooth adaptor from ebay for a tennar including postage and packaging.

I am quite happy with the fact that DDR3 memory is quite cheap at the moment, unlike DDR2 memory. For 8GB DDR3 sodimm memory, it cost around £100 as compared to the 8GB DDR2 memory which could have cost over £200! If you were to buy an Acer 3820TZ and you want to have a full load of functions, you would need to shell out around £100 extra for the 8GB memory where the 3GB onboard the laptop could be flog on ebay. Another extra item as I have mentioned will be the bluetooth adaptor which you need to insert it on the machine's motherboard which would have cost you £10. If you think that the Pentium 6100 is not good enough, you could upgrade it to a Core i3 counterpart which supports socket 988. I have found out that a comparative socket 988 Core i3 would cost around £120. That would mean that if you want to buy a TimelineX 3820TZ with a Core i3, you might want to try the 3820TG instead. It is more expensive but at least you do not need to change the cpu to Core i3 from the existing Pentium 6100 cpu.

I have managed to find an Acer TimelineX 3820TZ for around £330. If you were to get all the extras, you would be looking at £560 (8GB DDR3 memory, 2.1 bluetooth and Core i3 cpu). It is still way cheaper than the 3820TG at present. Who says that ebay is expensive? One would be able to get some good bargains from ebay. You just need to look for it.

Good luck!

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ぜるもう said...

The TimelineX 3820TZ is now fitted with a bluetooth 2.1 and wi-fi combo. It is also powered by an Intel Core i5 520M with IC diamond Thermal Paste with BIOS version 1.17. It is running alright for the moment.