Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I am getting tired with endless calls made to Vodafone UK regarding the signal quality in my house. I have basically told them that I am not happy with the signal quality as it kept on dropping from 3G to 2.5G.

After making numerous calls to them, they said that "Oh, you should have excellent coverage." I know I should but I am not getting good coverage! The problem started around a year ago when I experienced dropped calls and I had to make a few calls just to finish a conversation with a client.

Now, Vodafone customer service officer does not have any any clues of what is going on in other people's house. They only relied on their network coverage checker. If the network checker says "good coverage", I should have good coverage. I would have to argue that the network checker maybe malfunctioned!

In the end, I got fed up and then ask for an early termination fee as I had enough with it. The customer service officer said that I have to pay the full whack of it without any discount. If I am not mistaken, customers do get a discount for early termination fee. Oh, I don't get that though because that is the rule of the company. Apart from that, I do get discount from Vodafone. If I were to terminate my line earlier, the discount will not be applicable to me.

The next thing which I did was to ask for a downgrade as in that sense I will be able to pay a little bit less. I was told that I will not be able to do so because the discount was applied with the condition that I stay with Vodafone. In that sense, customers do not have the choice to do anything but we have to wait until the end of our contract.

What I don't understand is that a company like Vodafone does not allow loyal customers like me to downgrade even though I am on the old price plan. I told the customer service advisor that I am on the old price plan. He said no, I am on the new price plan. I said that it could not be. He then suggested that I bring my contract to a Vodafone store to verify. I told him that I could not do so as they have not send me any contract to sign in the first place!

Well, the thing is that I am quite frustrated with Vodafone. While I can understand that 3 UK is given the thumb down for customer service, I have not envisaged that Vodafone will be as bad as 3 UK! I will NOT take up any contracts with Vodafone at all! I think I am going to Orange UK instead. The problem with Vodafone UK is that they will not tell customers of whether they can downgrade even though they have been asked. All they will say is that customers can downgrade after 9 months into their contract.

So guys, just give it a pass to Vodafone UK as they are the second most expensive network in the UK after Orange UK. At least customer services in Orange will deal with you like human being. I think as Vodafone is growing by the size, they are not providing better customer service anymore.

Stay away from both 3 UK and Vodafone UK!

Update 1:
I have spoken to O2 UK and they have acknowledged the problem with the existing cell tower around my area. She has mentioned that there are no cell tower within a radius of a quarter mile. I am thankful for her honesty. I do know that all mobile network companies share a particular cell tower around my area so it is not a good idea for Vodafone to say that there's good coverage when there are existing problems with it which they would strongly refused to admit it by giving the excuse "Oh, there is no problem on our side."

I then asked Vodafone customer service as in how would they know if there is a problem with the cell tower? "Oh, the engineers will know if there is a problem with the cell tower." The irony is that if no one were to inform that there is a potential problem with a cell tower, would they know where to look for? Come on guys! Use some common sense! Vodafone should listen to their customers and take the initiative to ask their engineers to check out their faulty transmission dish. They should instead thank us customers!

Update 2:
Vodafone finally replied by giving me a discount of £20 for this month for the "inconvenience caused". Sometimes I just don't understand what is going on with them. What I am asking for is an improvement of their coverage!!! The £20 no doubt comes as a welcome surprise but I do still have doubt over whether I should just move on to another mobile provider when my contract end.

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