Saturday, 25 December 2010

Nokia N8 - First Impression

Yes! The Nokia N8 is here to stay! I'm so happy that I have made a decision to try out the Nokia N8. Initially I was quite skeptical about the N8 as my Iphone is working well! It is just unfortunate that the Vodafone signal is not that great in my house when I was using the Iphone 4. I almost threw the mobile phone away due to constant drop calls.

I have made numerous calls to Vodafone but they told me that I should be getting good signals in my house nontheless! After doing some research, I have decided to switch mobile phones. I would no longer need the Iphone 4 as my main mobile phone as I want to do away with drop calls. That is not good service at all.

I have then inserted the Vodafone into two other mobile phones (the SE K800i and SE W595) and yet they showed patchy signals but better than the Iphone 4. It does not make sense because the problem started when I bought the Iphone 3Gs before moving on to the Iphone 4. I am determined to give Nokia one more try by using the Nokia N8. I'm pretty confident that Nokia will not fail me with their flagship N8.

I was really happy to have received the N8 the day after I have made the order. Best of all, I have made the order on 23 December 2010 and I got it on the 24 December 2010! Kudos to Vodafone and also DPD. Initially I was really unhappy with DPD due to previous experience with them. I am very happy to report that DPD have greatly improved!!! One good thing is that you can track your delivery online and right up to the time in which the parcel is delivered and being signed for. I'm really happy!

I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with Nokia as one of the leading manufacturers in recycling! The N8 came in a small and compact box which I'm really happy as I do not have lots of space to store the box! If you do open the box, you will find the handset itself, usb cables, charger, a HDMI cable, an instruction manual and not forgetting a stereo headset. The accessories are pretty standard especially when you are talking about a flagship handset. Kudos to Nokia!

After charging the N8 for 8 hours, it was time for me to test the unit! My initial feeling for the phone was that it is slightly difficult hold on to the phone without touching the 12MP digital camera lens at the back of the phone. It is light, no doubt but the shape of the phone should be easy to hold. I am not saying that it is hard to hold on to the N8 but it could improve on its shape and sizes, just like the so called second generation N8 which support four speakers.

The 3.5" AMOLED screen is perfect! I have no doubt that the 360x640 16M colour screen could not compare to the 640x960 LED-backlit IPS TFT 16M colour screen, doubt "Retina Display" but nevertheless I'm quite satisfied with the N8 screen though. It is perfectly legible under bright sunlight. I am quite happy with it though. The ARM II 680mhz cpu and 3D graphics hardware accelerator is more than sufficient to play graphic intensive games like the Need for Speed Undercover. It is 2g lighter than the Iphone 4. I don't think there will be much of a problem if anyone were to hold on to the N8 as it is made of strong aluminium casing. It is so unlike the Apple Iphone 4 which is made of glass (easily breakable).

Despite the fact that it runs on the Symbian ^3 OS, I don't really see much difference from the old Symbian s60v5 apart from the new widgets home screen. It's excellent! It is comparable to the HTC's Sense UI without using as much power as the Sense UI. Overall, the new Symbian OS ^3 is quick and responsive on the N8. You can have up to three homescreens and you can customise each home screen. Perfect!

I do like the fact that the N8 supports Bluetooth 3.0 and A-GPS including a document viewer. The selling point for the N8's OS will be the fact that it suppots flash! It's marvellous! I like it! So far I do not have any problems in gaining access to flash enabled websites. It is a major improvement over the Symbian OS s60v5 interface! Other significant hardware which comes with it will be a front facing camera, and a good radio chip.

The reason why I am saying this is because the radio chip on the N8 is nothing like the Iphone 4's radio chip. It is well documented that there's a major problem with the Iphone 4 apart from the antennagate issue which is the lost of signal which I will talk about later in another post. The Nokia N8 comes with GSM quadband and a pentaband UTMS! Perfect!

The battery on the N8 is not accessible though. I don't think that it will be a problem though as many people will hardly have any need to gain access to the battery though. The N8 is sturdy but it could have been better to hold. The main attraction of the N8 would be the in build 12MP digital camera. It is fantastic! It is capable of recording videos at 720p at 25fps. Not too bad, isn't it? I like it very much!

A review will appear soon...

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