Monday, 31 January 2011

IE 9 beta vs Firefox 4.0 beta 10

I have been a loyal IE user and I have not used Firefox for many years although there were attempts for me to use it especially during the IE6 days. However, I have been getting a little bit impatient with IE these days. The reason is because I don't see the benefit of using IE anyway!

For over a year now, IE 8 was the main and the most stable internet browser among the other version of the IEs in the market. Even with Microsoft's pledge, all other versions apart from IE8 are "vulnerable" to attacks. That's why they have recommended users to use IE8 instead. With IE9 on the way, more and more people are drawn to using IE now.

As for me, I am the opposite though. I think IE9 beta is unstable although Microsoft have mentioned that it is much better than many other browsers in terms of being succumbed to internet attacks. I do regard IE9 beta as a worthy competitor for other internet browsers in the market e.g. Firefox and Opera but whether it is worth using it will be a question too soon to answer. 

I have tried using IE9 beta and it crashed on certain websites which I usually browse through. The page will still crash even though I have run the page under the compatibility mode. It is sad, real sad.

On the contrary, Firefox is rather different. I've tried the Firefox 4.0 beta 10 and guess what? It is quite stable with no webpage crashing! One thing for sure is that Firefox will take a longer time to load a page from cold as compared to IE9 beta. I guess such a trade off will be justified.

When is Microsoft going to provide a more stable platform for their users?

We will be waiting...

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