Saturday, 1 January 2011

PC Suite & Nokia Ovi Suite via Bluetooth on Nokia N8

I had a tough time in getting the Nokia N8 in sync with the latest Nokia PC Suite which will recognise the N8 (version together with the Nokia Ovi Suite through bluetooth. It was a nightmare! I don't use to have any troubles in connecting any Nokia phones via bluetooth but I do have a problem with the N8.

After searching through various forums and blogs, I have come to a conclusion. There is a workaround the problem when it pertains to the Nokia PC Suite. I rarely use the Nokia Ovi Suite because the Ovi Suite would not allow me to sync calender items for more than 6 weeks. With the Nokia PC Suite, it will allow a user to sync any items for 99 years! Can you believe it? However, not all are lost. The Ovi Suite is better in terms of installing updated maps on the N8 though. You would not be able to do so on the Nokia PC Suite.

When it comes to synchronising your N8 with your PC Suite/ Ovi Suite via bluetooth, you need to take care. The steps will be as follows:

(1) Install the latest Nokia Ovi Suite and or PC Suite Suite version
(2) Don't run Ovi/Nokia PC Suite. If they are running on the taskbar, right click to exit all of them.
(3) Enable bluetooth on your N8 and then right click on the bluetooth devices icon at the bottom right of
     your laptop.
(4) Once you have right clicked on the bluetooth devices icon, select 'add devices'.
(5) Follow the prompts on your N8 and also on your laptop/pc.
(6) Please make sure that your N8's bluetooth is on 'discoverable'. Otherwise your laptop/pc will not be
     able to pick up the signal.
(7) Follow the instructions given and then reboot your laptop/pc.

After that, you would need to fire up your PC Suite or Ovi Suite but not both at the same time. Use PC Suite to sync your contacts/messages/calenders while use the Ovi Suite to install and update your map on your Nokia devices.

Good luck!

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